Fakultät Informatik

Excellent research and education requires powerful IT. We provide an innovative IT infrastructure for our faculties.



Client/Server Environments

We operate a variety of IT services with cutting-edge virtualisation techniques.




With fibre optics we provide a band width of 1 GBit in each office. With our WLAN access points you are mobile within the whole MI-building.



Administration / Forms

Use online forms for media requests, user accounts, IP addresses, etc. 



Interactive lecture transmission and recording for vivid lectures. We bring multimedia into lecture rooms.



Video Conferences

We organize video conferences with fixed and mobile equipment.




Poster/ Large Scale Printing

On basis of file input we can produce printings with a sice of at max 1,5 x 30,5 m .




Media Archives

Visit our media archives containing comprehensive picture and video material. 



Latest hardware and software technologies support excellence. We provide efficient consulting and procurement. 



Coordination of DFG Proposals for Major Research Instrumentation 

We accompany so-called CIP/WAP proposals and coordinate DFG applications and investment programs.




Bid Invitations and Frame Contracts

In cooperation with other faculties, we perform bid invitations and establish frame contracts.



Online Ordering

Soft- and Hardware can be conveniently ordered via online forms:



Virtual Desktops: VDI now supports Windows 7 besides XUbuntu[more]  [more]
TUM PC: Special Conditions for Dell PCs, Workstations and Monitors[more]  [more]
DreamSpark: Microsoft Technologies Free of Charge for Teaching and Research[more]  [more]
TUM MEDIA: Media Control Modernization for Lecture Rooms[more]  [more]
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